366th CSG Phan Rang DANANG

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    366th Combat Support Group
    USAF Military Token

    Phan Rang and Da Nang (Danang)
    Phan Rang Air Base - Air Force Token

    Da Nang Air Base - Air Force Token
    NCO - Non-Comms Mess / Club
    The 366th Combat Support Group, this piece utilised at both of their bases at Da Nang and Phan Rang. The 366th were known as the GUNFIGHTERS.

    Phan Rang:
    The Air Base at Phan Rang was originally built by Australian and British POW's under the Japanese and the Japanese used the Air Field throughout WW II. After the second world war the French conituned to use the base throughout the french Indochine War.
    In 1966 the US Air Force set up their base at Phan Rang and remained their until 1971 with amongst others the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 35th TFW, the 309th and 309th Special Operation Squadrons stationed there.
    US Marines, US Special Forces and the 101st Airborne Division utilised the base at varying times throughout the war.
    Today - A civilian trip to Nha Trang by air today lands you at Phan Rang Air-Field, now named Nha Trang Airport although it is some 42 kilometres around the bay from Nha Trang (Nha Trang airfield during the war was located in Nha Trang and was much smaller and unable to take heavy aircraft. The runways at Phan Rang, utilised during the Vietnam War for the USAF Bombing Commmand now accomodates Civilian Aircraft. The spraying of Agent Orange over the entire airfield and surrounding areas leaves little or no vegatation in the area and you can see for miles from the air terminal, Military Bunkers and outposts surrounding the air field remain however 'Mine Alert' signs prevent approach to these areas.

    Mặt trước và sau giống nhau: N.C.O CLUB / 25 Cent / 366 COMBAT SG
    chất liệu đồng thau ( brass)
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    Mặt trước: N.C.O CLUB / 5 Cent / 366 COMBAT SG
    Mặt sau: 5 Cent
    chất liệu đồng thau ( brass)
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